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All Japan Coffee Association

What is the All Japan Coffee Association?

1. Summary of the Association

The All Japan Coffee Association was established in 1980 as an organization to unify the coffee industry in Japan for the purpose of promoting the consumption of coffee and contributing to the further growth of the coffee industry and improvement of the diet of Japanese people.

This Association comprises five industry groups as follows:
(1) National Coffee Roasters Association of Japan
(2) Japan Instant Coffee Association
(3) Japan Retail Regular Coffee Industry Association
(4) Coffee Importers Association of Japan
(5) Nippon Green Coffee Association

2. Project Implemented

The All Japan Coffee Association primarily pursues the following projects:

(1) Projects for PR and Promotion of Consumption
Providing information about coffee through the publication of leaflets, sponsoring special events, and promoting PR activities for the purpose of increasing the consumption of coffee.

(2) Projects for Scientific Information
Promoting studies that examine the health effects of drinking coffee and collecting information on such studies both domestically and internationally.

(3) Projects for Safety and Security
Promoting measures to ensure consumer safety with regard to the sales and consumption of coffee.

(4) Projects for International Exchange and Cooperation
Cooperative activities under the International Coffee Agreement with coffee-producing and coffee-consuming countries.

(5) Projects for Statistical Information
Implementing trend surveys on the demand for coffee, and collecting, organizing, and providing statistical information on coffee.

(6) Others
Cooperation with administrative agencies and institutes and any other activities necessary for achieving the purposes of the Association.


  • 環境自主行動計画
  • 日本インスタントコーヒー協会
  • 全日本コーヒー商工組合連合会
  • 日本家庭用レギュラーコーヒー工業会